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June 6, 2014

Happy Friday! At the very end of my June’s Goals post I mentioned that I wanted to walk or do yoga twice a week so I have a couple of things for you today that have really been keeping me going.

The website Do Yoga With Me is my new favorite thing! A friend mentioned this to me a couple of months ago and now I want to share it. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I really don’t like going to gym classes. What should be a time for me to exercise and relax becomes a competition. I don’t want to look weak or exhausted so I stress myself out. Do Yoga With Me is perfect to do by yourself (or you could get a group of friends together). Plus you can search for videos by the difficulty, length of time, style of yoga and instructor. I even created a log in so I can bookmark my favorite videos. And bonus, IT’S FREE!

When Ben and I were on our honeymoon they had Cucumber Water in the spa and Ben thought it was disgusting but I thought it was wonderful and refreshing. So I recently started slicing up cucumbers and just throwing them in my water bottle. I put the bottle in the fridge for an hour so the water gets infused with cucumber and my water is nice and cool. Cold water is really the key so sometimes I even throw some ice cubes in too.

Maybe this makes me old wearing Dr. Scholl’s Tri-Comfort Orthotics, but I have long, skinny feet and an arch that doesn’t match any shoe I can find. So these shoe inserts are a life saver, especially when shooting weddings!

Finally, this body scrub is AMAZING! I have very dry skin that likes to constantly peal and usually turns into Eczema. Ben found Simple Sugars on the show The Shark Tank and I decided to try it out since it was all natural. (it’s just sugars and oil!) Plus I was pretty impressed that Lani Lazzari created Simple Sugars while she was still in high school and she’s a Pittsburgh girl! Let me tell you, this stuff got me through the winter and will give you great skin for the summer.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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