Jersey City Engagement Session | Deirdre + Michael Jersey City, NJ

October 9, 2021

Engaged couple walks along the Hudson River during a Jersey City Engagement Session in NJI love photographing engagement sessions because I love the time it gives me to meet and get to know my couples before their wedding day. My goal for engagement sessions is to make my couples feel as easy as possible in front of my camera so that it translates to their wedding day. I like to find out what type of pictures they prefer: is there a certain side of the face the bride prefers, do they like to show or not show PDA? All those things are important to me and I like to remember for their wedding day so that their pictures can go as easy and quickly as possible.

Meet Deirdre + Mike! We started their Jersey City engagement session at their apartment on a perfect summer evening. During Covid they made their small back yard space into a little oasis. They loved getting out their beach chairs and hanging outside, video chatting with friends and family, playing games, but still feeling safe. And more importantly, this was where Mike lit candles all throughout the apartment and was waiting outside for Deirdre (also lit with candles and lined with flowers) to propose.

Engaged couple hangs out in their back yard in beach chairs during a summer Jersey City Engagement Session in NJ

I could tell right away that we were going to all get along. They felt a little shy at first, but laughed it off which made for great photos from the start. I love when couples can laugh together, they make for some of the best pictures.

Bride and Groom hang outside their apartment in the back yard during a Jersey City Engagement Session

Check out the ring! Mike did good! I love how beautiful and unique it is.

Deirdre + Mike met while they both worked at JP Morgan, one of their coworkers played matchmaker at an after party after the company holiday party. They had dinner the next week and have been together ever since! Mike still works at JP Morgan, but Deirdre is a teacher now. She started last year during Covid, what a year to start teaching!

Bride and Groom hang on the front steps of their apartment in their neighborhood during a Jersey City Engagement SessionCouple sits on the stoop of their apartment steps looking at their neighborhood during their Jersey City Engagement Session

Their neighborhood is super cute, I loved taking pictures on their front stoop…

But they also live about a block from the Hudson River in NJ with stunning views of the NYC skyline!

We even managed to find some greenery on the waterfront with New York City in the background.

I always love to get at least one close up of the engagement ring! Look at all those little unique details, it really makes it one of a kind.


Deirdre, you’re so beautiful! I can’t wait to see you on your wedding day!

We flipped the direction we were shooting and got some photos of Jersey City behind them, since it’s where they’ve been living and where Mike proposed.

I love this one so much!

Engaged couple has fun during their Jersey City Engagement Session in NJEngaged couple looks out at the New York City skyline during their Jersey City Engagement Session in NJ

I love trying a double exposure (that’s basically where two photos are layered together), and I think this one turned out pretty perfect!

Double exposure of engaged couple and the NYC skyline during their Jersey City Engagement Session in NJ

Another favorite! They just look so comfortable, like they’re at home with each other.

Couple snuggling with NYC skyline behind them during their Jersey City Engagement Session in NJ

We’ll end with this image. I just could not get enough of them with that New York City skyline!

Deirdre + Mike, I had so much fun getting to know the two of you during your Jersey City engagement session. You were just so easy to work with and hang out with together. I can’t wait for your wedding in May!

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