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July 1, 2021

I can’t believe that I’m already writing this post, but this past weekend we celebrated Ford’s 1st birthday! And yesterday was his actual first birthday! (I started this yesterday, but now I’m a day late πŸ™ )How is he one already?!? I haven’t posted too much on the blog of the portraits I’ve taken over the past year so I thought I’d post some of what I’ve photographed and also some pictures from his first birthday!. I’m biased as his aunt, but he’s grown up to be too cute with an adorable personality.

We were able to go meet Ford in person within a couple days of him being born. He was so tiny and adorable! Of course newborn pictures were necessary!

I always love to get all the tiny details of newborns since they grow so quickly!

As you know I’m obsessed with Disney, but it’s not just me, it runs in my family! In fact Ford has just as many Disney clothes as he does Under Armor, Nike, and other clothes. (You’ll see a lot of his pictures he’s in a Disney themed outfit.)

Look at those piggy toes! I just want to kiss them!

We also got to experience Ford’s first Christmas, which also happened to be when he turned 6 months!

Oh my gosh his “cheese face”! I don’t know if he’s a blinker or if he’s just being a ham, but either way it’s adorable!

My grandma, who we call Grr, (his great-Grr) got him this outfit and it’s just adorable! His faces and expressions are my favorite πŸ™‚

And 9 months hit right around Easter so I was able to get 9 month pictures!

My mom watches him 3 -4 times a week so when we visit we often try to be there for a Friday or a Monday depending on which day my mom is watching him. I need my Ford time πŸ™‚

How could that smile and those bright eyes not make anyone’s day better?

His scrunchy nose is the cutest!

And now this past weekend we celebrated Ford’s 1st birthday at my parents’ house!! Maddy + Steve went all out for a construction theme and it was adorable! Ben and I got to help decorate in the morning and of course I loved it. ❀️

We also took a couple pictures of Ford before his party with the cute “I’m One” excavator t-shirt.

Ford is starting to walk and it’s adorable. He can stand up and take a couple steps. Perfect for pictures! The picture on the right I was going to get rid of because Steve’s truck is in the background, but Ford loves his dad’s Ford truck so it was actually pretty perfect!

Peek-a-Boo with his balloons!

It was so hard to narrow the portraits down to these couple, he’s just so cute!

A couple pictures with Mama (my sister, Maddy). Her and Steve are so in love with Ford and I just love watching them with him! They are amazing parents!

Maybe one of my favorite pictures from the day!

I have always loved my parents’ house. They have put so much work into it over the past 31 years and totally redone it. It’s honestly like a retreat for me to go and visit. My dad has added 3 additions to the original house over the years, including the log cabin family room (My favorite!) which he built with my Pappap 27 years ago. My sisters and I all have summer birthdays so we always had outdoor, swimming birthday parties. In fact where the gazebo is now used to be an above-ground pool. They tore it down my Junior/Senior year of high school and eventually added this cute gazebo (which Ben and I filled with caution tape haha). Last year they added a pool in the very back of the yard, right in the sun and it was such a retreat during Covid and now is the perfect place for parties! Ford’s party was the 1st one with the pool!

Even though it was probably a little overwhelming, Ford was excited! I’m so glad we got his portraits done before everyone came.

My Aunt Karen’s cakes are always the cutest and she whipped this smash cake up for Ford. The Oreo crumbles on top are in the shape of a one. And Maddy + Steve had bought a bunch of little construction toys that were perfect for little decorations.

Ford has a special bond with my dad, Pap, and it’s adorable!

Of course we all had to get some pictures with the birthday boy! Let me tell you, my parents have fully embraced being grandparents. They are so in love with Ford!

Ford loves pushing around my Cozy Coupe that I got when I was his age and the boy is insanely strong! He was pushing my friend Chelsy’s girls around in the car and climbing up the slide basically on his own.

Aunt Krissy and Aunt Cassady with Maddy and Ford. Plus Krissy is expecting her first child (A girl!) in early November! So Ford’s first cousin is in the picture too!

Uncle Phil, Aunt Krissy, and Ford’s future cousin!

Love this boy to pieces! Even if he wouldn’t smile in our picture lol. He was over pictures at this point.

Mr. Ford is at the age where he’s exploring and getting into everything and it’s adorable… as long as you’re not the one chasing him! haha

I was so excited, Maddy + Steve invited my best friend, Chelsy, and her family. It’s been 18 months since I’ve been able to give Chelsy a hug and love on her girls so it was a big reunion for us!

Ford hasn’t been around other kids thanks to Covid so it was interesting to see him interact with Chelsy’s girls. And that is Ford legit pushing Elle around in the Cozy Coupe! He’s that strong!

Chelsy’s girls had their own picnic up in the “tree house” just like my sisters and I used to! It was so cute!

It was a busy day for Ford!

But he perked right back up when he saw his chocolate birthday cake!

Or maybe he just wanted the toys?

Oh my gosh what a cutie! My Aunt Karen also make cute cupcakes for all the kiddos.

I’d say Ford did pretty well eating his smash cake!

The next day our grandma (we call Grr) came over for a continued party. And Ford’s party trick is saying he’s one…. really it’s just him pointing, but we can say that he’s actually saying he’s one. haha

Pap bought Ford his first 4-wheeler!

He still needs to learn how to drive it, but he sure liked sitting on it while somebody steered for him.

We also did a couple more one year portraits in some different outfits! My parents’ house is also a great spot for pictures πŸ™‚

We’ll end on this portrait because he’s just the cutest πŸ™‚

Happy first birthday, Ford! Aunt Cassady and Uncle Ben love watching you grow up and all the new stuff you’re learning. We can’t believe how much you’ve changed in just a year! We are so excited to spend a whole week with you in Florida next week!

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  1. Maddy says:

    These pictures are amazing! He’s the cutest little big! I love him so much! And you did an amazing job!! Thanks!

  2. Chelsy says:

    So beautiful!! What a fun day!!

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