Friday’s Finds

May 9, 2014

In the past when I’ve done “Friday’s Finds” there’s been a theme, but today I just wanted to share some random things that I like 🙂

I love going home to Pittsburgh for many reasons, one of them is “borrowing” stuff from my sisters. I miss having two other closets at my disposal… they always have what I’m missing, if I can get them to let me borrow it.

This weekend my sister introduced me to L’Oreal’s Boost It hair spray. Girls, this stuff is amazing and works on my hair that is pin straight! Plus it doesn’t make your hair feel crunchy and the bonus: it doesn’t taste nasty! I wouldn’t suggest purposely eating it, but when you accidentally leave your mouth open while spraying your hair, you don’t’ need to instantly find a drink. (Sorry Krissy, I may have used some of it without asking!)

I was pretty sick one day when I was still working at Ava Gray Direct and my boss introduced me to this awesome soup. I haven’t found any other canned soup that I like but this stuff tastes just like my mom’s! They have a lot of different types but I love the Chunky Vegetable because I feel like I’m getting a good serving of veggies. Make sure to look for it with the organic food at your grocery store.

I saw this quote on Jasmine’s Star blog and let me tell you it hit home so I made it into a design for my computer screen. It’s so easy to compare yourself to everybody and anybody. I’ve found this especially true working alone in my apartment. But it’s also important to remember that God has a perfect plan for me and it’s not going to be the same as another person’s journey!


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