June’s Goals

June 2, 2017

Monthly Goals_June 2017

Well May was just full of shooting! I helped my friend Amy shoot three weddings with Mekina because Amy was due with her baby boy any day… two of the weddings were in the city.  (Good news, Amy did not go into labor at the weddings and she now has a healthy little boy.) I used my rain boots that I got for Christmas a good amount between rainy wedding days and stomping through high grass for other shoots; I am so thankful for them. Ben and I spent a good amount of time out in our yard getting it ready for spring. Ben grilled and I finally planted my little babies outside.  Our trees had pretty white blossoms on them that I loved seeing outside of our window every morning for the past month.

We’re actually spending the first couple of days in June  in Texas for a little 5 anniversary trip! It’s hard for me not to think ahead though, so here are June’s goals:

Business Goals:

  • I’m second shooting three weddings in June so it’ll be a busy month again.
  • I ordered my sample album and I’m just so happy with design. I can’t wait to have it in my hands and share it on the blog with all of you!
  • I’ve been doing really well with staying on top of culling all of the images that I’ve been second shooting and I’d like to continue doing that with the three weddings in June. Part of the reason I’ve been doing so well with staying on top of images is because I have a friend helping me with editing my sessions and weddings. But more on Meagan in another post!
  • I also have another project that I’ve been working on with another person that I’m really excited to share!! But that’s not happening until it’s finished, so you’ll just have to wait : )

Personal Goals:

  • All my plants are outside now, I’m just praying that I can actually keep them alive!
  • I’m so close to catching up on editing my personal images. I have two folders of images left, but I know this Texas trip is going to set me back again. I’m really going to try staying on top of editing these images so that I’m not behind when we go on our other vacations this year.
  • I want to blog some of our Texas trip especially since we visited Waco : )
  • The summers are always so busy and even though I try not to, I’ve scheduled a lot for June. There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up though in June that I’m excited for: obviously I’ve been looking forward to this Texas trip, we’re going to the Jazz Age Lawn Party like last year (hopefully it won’t be sweltering like last year) and I’m going home to Pittsburgh at the end of the month to visit some of my favorite people.

Yay for June and Summer!!

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