Try it Tuesday: Chalkboard Pots

May 29, 2017

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I have a love for organization. There’s just something about everything having a place that makes me so happy : ) I also really love chalkboard paint because it’s just so much fun and I can change whatever is written on it whenever I want. It’s perfect for reorganization!

For today’s Try it Tuesday you’ll need:

  • Container that you’ll be painting – I used a ceramic pot, but I thought it would also be neat to paint a mason jar.
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • You may want an old container to put a drop of chalkboard paint into
  • Paint Tape if you can’t paint a straight line
  • Chalk

This is really such an easy project and can be done in a couple of minutes. I’m messy so I laid down some kraft paper (I still managed to get paint on my carpet). I then painted all around the bottom half of the pot. I painted two coats of the chalkboard paint to make sure everything was well covered.

DIY_Try It Tuesday_Do It Yorself_Chalkboard Paint_Cassady K Photography_2

Did you know that you need to prep your chalkboard paint before you actually write on the chalkboard? Did you ever have one of those chalkboards that’s kind of slippery when you write on it and it’s hard to write on? That’s because you didn’t prep your chalkboard. To prep your chalkboard just use the side of your chalk and rub it all over the chalkboard (when the paint is dried) and cover the entire surface area. Then use a wet paper towel to wipe all the chalk off. And done!

DIY_Try It Tuesday_Do It Yorself_Chalkboard Paint_Cassady K Photography_3

I’m using my pots to grow Basil and Cilantro, it just also happens to be our initials : ) But there are so many other ways that you can use your chalkboard pots. That’s the great thing about using chalk, you can wipe it off and write a new label whenever you want.

DIY_Try It Tuesday_Do It Yorself_Chalkboard Paint_Cassady K Photography_4

I thought the pots were also so cute to hold bathroom items or even to hold crayons for a kids’ desk.

DIY_Try It Tuesday_Do It Yorself_Chalkboard Paint_Cassady K Photography_5

Do you have any other ways the chalkboard pots could be used? I’d love to see a picture if you try this Try it Tuesday idea!

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