August’s Goals

August 1, 2017

I feel like I didn’t stop all July. I shot Chelsea + Ryan and Janelle + Tyler‘s weddings. (Ben came with me to Lancaster and second shot for me for Janelle + Tyler’s.) I also helped Mekina and second shot a wedding for her. We went to Longboat Key, Florida for my family’s vacation and to celebrate my 30th birthday (It was a fun day, but I’m 30… oy!). When I wasn’t gone I was at my computer going through SO MANY IMAGES. I did find some time to hang out at our friends’ pool, garden and hang out my friend Steph and her 2 month old.

I seriously can’t believe that July has already come and gone, it feels like we should still be in June. But since it’s now August 1st, here are August’s goals:

Business Goals:

  • I’m second shooting a couple weddings this month. So I obviously want to do my best and find some time to get some creative shots.
  • I received my sample album and it’s so beautiful!! I can’t wait to share it with you in a blog post this month!
  • I’ve made a schedule so that I can cull through all of my images on time. I just need to stay on schedule… that’s the hard part. 😕
  • I am so excited to say that my website is finally updated. Rachael Earl (I am so thankful for this girl!) has been helping me update to a new platform and make some little tweaks to my website. I now have a mobile site and my website adjusts for different monitors. Hallelujah! I’ve also added a review page and updated all of my images. I just have a couple of behind the scenes things to finish this month with keywords and SEO. Make sure to go over and check out!

Personal Goals:

  • My plants are doing amazing! We’ve already had enough green beans for two meals and I think we’ve picked 6 zucchini! We have a bunch of tomatoes that are still green, but we’re going to have more than we know what to do with when they all ripen. I really love sitting outside on our little deck and enjoying all my plants and my beautiful flowers. Ben and I have started this little routine on Sundays (when we’re home) where he washes the cars and I garden. It makes my heart so happy to be at home spending time with him outside in our yard. 😍 I just need to manage to keep everything alive while we’re gone again.
  • I’ve really been trying to watch how many pictures I take. I know this sounds silly, but I used to bring my camera everywhere and just take pictures because I had a fancy camera and I felt like I was supposed to. But recently I’ve been trying to be more present in the moment and only bring around my camera for important moments and trips. This has helped with the number of personal images I have to edit, but I still do have a good amount and probably more than the average person. I’m hoping that I can find some time to edit my personal images this month because I still have our Texas trip and Florida to edit. Plus there’s a lot more coming up this month.
  • August is going to be another crazy month where I don’t know how much I’m going to even be home, but there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up! I have a Penn State girls weekend that I am so excited for! All of us girls turned 30 this year so we decided at the beginning of the year to save a weekend so we could all get together. Ben and I are going on his family’s vacation to the Outer Banks. Then I’m going to Pittsburgh to shoot my little sister’s engagement session and then we’re driving to Philly so she can try on dresses as BHLDN. So much good stuff!


Have a great August!

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