New York Botanical Gardens

April 19, 2011

Benjamin took me to The New York Botanical Garden a couple of weeks ago and it was very pretty. It was still kind of cold outside but inside the greenhouse it was beautiful.

I of course took my camera to take some pictures but then when we got there I wasn’t in the mood.  See when you go to these kinds of things everyone…and I mean everyone is there taking pictures (there was even a four year old running around with his mom’s camera taking pictures of everything.) So for a while i just held my camera and I took a few shots because well we had paid to be there.

And here’s what I realized, and let me first say this is nothing profound or even new in fact this is probably what every photographer wants, I don’t want my pictures to look like everyone else’s. Which is probably why I didn’t go picture crazy at the garden like everyone else. I’m working on what exactly make me different as a photographer. I’ve figured out that I don’t want be a point and shoot photographer that uses manual settings. I’m trying to make myself picture the image before and use my meter so I get the exposure the first time.

If I can make someone stop for an extra second at my picture when they’re looking through a bunch of pictures I will feel like I’ve accomplished something.

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