Disney World

July 22, 2014

Before we went on my family’s annual Florida trip Ben and I spent some time at Disney! I should prep you now, I love Disney!! And I also love Cinderella!

Our first day there we stopped at Downtown Disney so I could stock up on some Disney accessories.

The second day, July 4th, we actually spent in the Magic Kingdom. We were there before the park even opened and stayed until after midnight.

I love Cinderella’s castle. Like really love.

I’m getting this picture printed out and put in the Mickey frame I bought!

We didn’t plan on watching this parade in the middle of the day… but we kind of stumbled on it and actually had a good view.

I always wanted one of the Mickey balloons when I was little… but with two little sisters, if you buy a balloon for one then you have to buy one for everyone. When I went to Penn State they used to line the main walkway with Mickey balloons to try and recruit students for the summer. One of my friends collected all the balloons and brought them to me at my dorm room… it was the best 🙂

I was not happy that Mickey made us pose like this.

I know I’m weird, but really all I wanted to do was see Cinderella… we even used one of our fast passes.

My dinner was a carmel apple.

Since it was the fourth of July the park was really crowded. But thankfully I have Ben who is a planner. Within the first half hour we had already gone on 4 rides. Plus we took a break in the middle of day and relaxed which was wonderful since it was so hot. Then we came back in the evening to ride a couple more rides and watch the parades.

They had special fire works for the fourth of July and everyone was packed in to watch them.

Then later on in the evening we watched the Electrical Parade which is one of my main memories from my childhood.

It’s so cool how they project images up on the castle.

Of course I had to get a picture of Cinderella…

… and Prince Charming.

We had such a great time in Disney and were able to have a nice little break for the two of us. I honestly don’t know how families go to all the parks in a week, I was completely exhausted after one day!

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