It’s Officially Official!

March 9, 2012

Ben moved into our apartment this past weekend! I know it’s crazy, right?

Since I’ll be moving to New York once Ben and I are married, the apartment search for me had to be from a distance. Ben would go look at apartments and then send me pictures of the ones he liked….it was a process. But we finally found an apartment that is 30 minutes from New York City! It’s a little small, but living in NYC is expensive!

Our kitchen is to the right as you enter the apartment. It’s recently been redone and it has so much storage! I can’t wait to fill that baby up and start making some cupcakes!

Next is our bedroom, as you can tell it has a lot of light and a nice size closet. Ben has the bed and a dresser in there now….and he’s starting to take over the closet. I need to move in soon before he claims the whole thing. (Luckily we have two other closets in the apartment….I know isn’t that amazing for a New York apartment!)

We also have a decent size living room but I didn’t have a very good picture of it. But we did already get this couch and a chair. I felt so odd when Ben and I went shopping for furniture, I felt like it should be my mom shopping not me…I’m not used to this whole adult thing! ;0)

Aren’t they pretty? The living room will also house a workspace for Cassady K Photography and my cameras!

Finally, we have a dining room. We haven’t got the table and chairs but I’ve already picked out what I want…

Oh I can’t wait to move in and start decorating! Ben took me to the apartment a couple weeks ago before it was officially ours and it got me so excited! I love when I can start picturing what I want to do!

PS – Ben has already come up with a plan for where guests can sleep when they visit…so visitors are welcome!! (Once I move in of course) :0)

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