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March 23, 2024

I am so excited to finally welcome Saylor Sophie Adams to the family and the Cassady K Photography blog!!

I have been dreaming about getting a puppy since I was in college. My goal was right out of college to get a Yorkie named Lola. But I moved back home and just couldn’t do it to my family’s Yorkiepoo Sophie. Years passed, I moved to NY and I hadn’t got my own pup because of logistics and having a soft spot for Sophie when I would go back home. Sophie passed away 4.5 years ago and I was still missing her all the time, it was hard to go back home and not have her there. A Yorkiepoo is such a good breed that I changed my mind from getting a Yorkie to a Yorkiepoo. And I wanted to find one that looked as close to Sophie as possible so here are Sophie & Saylor’s puppy pictures next to each other. Sophie was 1/2 Yorkie & 1/2 Poodle. Saylor is 1/3 Yorkie & 2/3 Poodle.

Ben and I were both particular about where we got our puppy from. It’s easy to find puppies on the internet, but it’s not so easy to tell if they’re part of a puppy mill. We moved from NY to PA about 2.5 years ago and honestly the thought of a dog didn’t cross my mind because I was just trying to adjust to the move and finding a house. But Ben kept looking, he knew that being around a pup helps my anxiety and stress. So Friday, February 16th Ben came to me in the evening while I working and said look at this dog! We were initially looking at her two sisters who were all tan, but then “Peachy”, as she was called, caught my eye because her coloring was closer to Sophie. Ben called the breeders up and they talked for awhile and they seemed more “legit”. They did genetic testing on the parents and the puppies were so small that they waited until 10 weeks to post them. This sounds weird, but the owner knew the dogs we were calling about. A lot of puppy mills have so many different dogs they don’t even know the names of the dogs they list.

On Saturday, February 17th we headed out to Lancaster and stopped at pet stores on the way to get all the necessities. They brought “Peachy” and her sister “Piper” over to us and “Peachy” went right over to Ben and sat next to his leg while Piper just froze and then ran off. It was a family affair as we signed the papers I gave them “Peachy” so everyone (5 kids) could say goodbye. “Peachy” was the two young boys’ favorite because of how much energy she had…. we didn’t realize just how much energy lol. I felt awful taking her away from her family where she was so clearly loved, but I knew she would also get more than enough love from us too. Below is “Peachy’s” picture that was listed and her dad’s picture. She has some of her dad’s Merle pattern (the black spots).

I thought about calling her Lola like I had wanted to for so long, but I changed the name because I wanted something nautical. I love almost all things white and blue striped, anchors, seashells, the beach, sailing, water, sand, and anything else you can think of nautical. So one night, like 2 years ago, when I couldn’t sleep I came up with Sailor. My friend’s last name is Saylor and I liked the spelling with a “y”. So with my friend’s permission her name officially became Saylor Sophie Adams!

I was just entering my senior year of high school when we got Sophie. I didn’t have a digital camera so a lot of the pictures are film, that I cut up for my scrapbook. And the pictures that are digital were on my parents’ digital camera. This time around, Saylor is definitely getting her little life documented. Saylor keeps doing things that Sophie used to do and I’m like oh I need a picture or video of that!

So I may have done a little puppy session. Nothing too set up because as I realized with the blue bucket and nautical stuff that she was not going to pose for me.

She loves to be cozy, so instead I put her in comfy spots with good lighting when she was sleepy so I could make the “puppy session” work.

I also took some pictures with her ❤️

I tried wrapping her up in one of my newborn blankets, she wasn’t having any of it. I swear she’s been teething ever since we got her and those dang little teeth hurt!

The first image in this post and the image below on the left are my two favorite pictures because not only is Saylor cute, but my “Sophie ring” is also visible. I don’t wear it too often because it’s delicate. And I don’t talk about the ring much because it’s “unique” and my way of healing even if it’s different. I had it made by The Milky Mudra who usually makes jewelry out of breast milk, ashes, hair & flowers. I had been saving clippings of Sophie’s hair as she got older so I asked her if she could use dog hair and she made the most perfect piece. It’s in the shape of a tear drop and I wanted the varying shades of her hair in it curled around the bottom like how her hair curled. She added gold shimmer to make the perfect gemstone. So in these pictures of me holding Saylor I have both my pups!

I knew from the start I wanted to track her growth lol. I’m that girl! So our A for Adams has become our marker. It’s actually becoming easier to take the pictures because she’s being trained to sit. The last one I took this week and her fro is out of control!

We have loved you Saylor for all 5 weeks that we’ve had you! Even if our hands and fingers are hurting from those tiny teeth, and we’re so sick of cleaning up pee, and we can’t figure out how the heck to get you to stop whining. I mean look at that little smile 😊

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  1. Aunt Judi says:

    Love your doggie session! Craig needs one with Lily & Finn! I especially love the pictures of your sweet face showing, you both are beautiful!

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