Outside Family Maternity Session Williamsport, Pennsylvania

July 29, 2020

Outside Family Maternity session with kids in Williamsport, PA by Cassady K Photography

I like to say that I’ve known Kate since she was born…it’s been a 32 year long friendship. Our parents met at church and even though her family eventually moved away from our church our families still got together. So when she was born roughly 10 months later we were destined to be best friends. She has two sisters roughly the same age as my sisters (perfect playmates), she also has a brother who is the youngest, but we all like to joke that that’s when my family got Sophie, our dog. haha Even though we lived roughly an hour apart, our parents still got together and as little girls we had some epic play dates with some funny stories. 🙂 We weren’t the kind of friends that saw each other all the time, but when we did get together we picked right up like no time had passed.

I met Kate’s husband, Jordan, at the same time as her. In fact, I like to think that I had a part in them meeting! As a senior in high school, Kate came to visit me a freshman having a rough first year at Penn State. Kate was convinced she was going to a college in California like her father, but agreed to visit her mom’s alma mater. I desperately wanted my best friend at college with me (it would be even better if she was my roommate the next year) and just had this feeling that she was supposed to be at Penn State. After an interesting, but fun weekend (and probably some work on God’s part 😉 ) Kate changed her mind. PSU it was! WE ARE! PENN STATE!

We ended up being roommate my sophomore year/her freshman year… and it was THE BEST. On our first night I took her to a party at The Mount (a house some of the guys from Alliance Christian Fellowship lived in) and guess what other freshman was there with his twin brother, Jordan and Jared! We met the two of them as soon as we entered the door and they both had us laughing instantly.

So this is Kate + Jordan and these pictures basically describe how I picture them when I think of the two of them, laughing and joyful! Kate has even said that smiling is her favorite.

Parents laughing and joyful as they await their third boy during an outside family maternity session

I took their engagement pictures over 10 years ago… I’m a lot happier with these new pictures and maybe just a little more experienced this time 🙂

Kate + Jordan have two boys already, Judah and Elias, and another on the way! They’re going to have three boys, Kate is really going to be a boy mom! (What’s really funny is Jordan’s twin brother has three girls!)

Big brothers kissing their mom's pregnant belly during an outside family maternity session

Kate and Jordan lived overseas, so just like our friendship as kids, our friendship always picks up like we haven’t spent time apart. In the past I wasn’t able to do maternity or newborn sessions for Judah and Elias. (I didn’t even meet Judah in person until I think he was like one, but I made sure he knew me from video chats.) So it was exciting that we were able to photograph an outside family maternity session in the summer!

At home outside family maternity session with a scenic view of Williamsport, PA

Dang I love these two boys so much, I can’t wait to meet the third one!

Family walking with a scenic tree line behind them during an outside family maternity session

I feel like having brothers is just as awesome as having sisters. I’m excited for these three boys to become brothers, best friends, playmates and even each other’s wrestling buddies! I know Judah and Elias are excited to be big brothers to the new baby and Kate and Jordan are already such awesome parents.

toddler brothers giving each other a high five during an outside family maternity session

A little trick/hint when you’re doing a maternity session with kids, have someone there that can take the kids so you can get some pictures of just the two of you. We did this outside family maternity session at Jordan’s parents’ house in Williamsport, PA (they have such a gorgeous property at their home for pictures). Judah and Elias were able to go hang out with family and I could photograph just Kate + Jordan.

Mom and dad sitting in the grass during the summer awaiting the arrival of their third son during an outside family maternity session by Cassady K Photography

Black and white of a husband and wife laughing during their outside family maternity session

It's a boy! A soon to be boy mom of three boys during an outside family maternity session

I love this image so much!

Husband kisses the forehead of his pregnant wife's head in a lush green summer outside family maternity session by Cassady K Photography

Oh Kate, you are just beautiful! You’re always gorgeous, but you’ve mastered being pregnant as well!

Alright middle of August, here we come!

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  1. Megan Zeigler says:

    I had tears in my eyes as I read this blog!!! So thankful for the over the years friendship!!! Also I may be slightly bias Aunt but Judah and Elias did awesome!!!!

  2. Aunt Pattie says:

    Tears of joy at the amazing pictures and at God’s grace and His abounding love ad plans! Cassady your talent is a gift to us all and your heart makes the gift more precious !! Grateful to be able to see this gift to the Eglis!! God bless you !

  3. Linda says:

    What a wonderful gift to be able to give your best friend! These could not be any better! What a dear friend you are. I love that your captured our property so beautifully… God continues to bless us in this place! Now, how to pick…🤷‍♀️

  4. Dan Egli says:

    Tears, just tears of joy….Ex. 33:21-22

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