Pittsburgh Maternity Session Pennsylvania

July 2, 2020

Pregnant Mom Standing and Laughing in a field during Pittsburgh Maternity Session

This is my sister Maddy and all I can say is, could she look any happier? It’s not my story to tell, but with what seems to be a growing trend, it wasn’t easy for her to get to this point. I don’t know if it’s just that women didn’t share their stories before or if there is a growing trend, but this post isn’t about that. This post is about Maddy and her husband Steve and their little miracle. Their little miracle that wasn’t on their time schedule, but in God’s perfect timing. That’s why, to me, Maddy looks so beautiful, radiant and completely content and happy in all of these pictures from their Pittsburgh maternity session.

I mean look at her!! Best laugh and windblown hair! lol

Pregnant Momma to be Laughing during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

Living in New York it was hard not being able to see my younger sister as much as I wanted through her pregnancy. (It was probably for the best because I would have made her take pictures all the time! haha) And then Coronavirus hit and we didn’t go home to Pittsburgh for 3 months. The 3 months when her little boy and belly seemed to grow the most!

Thankfully she had a relatively easy pregnancy and handled it so well as long as she had all her favorite sugary treats 🙂 This boy might grow up only craving sugar! lol

Mother looking down at her pregnant belly bump during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

And no these Pittsburgh maternity session pictures were not taken in a park or garden. My parents have a beautiful yard that I love to photograph sessions  in… and we may have used our neighbor’s field. 🙂  One day I would love to own a house with a beautiful piece of property where people could come for portraits.The Baby Bump during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

We brought Steve in for a couple of pictures too!

Dan and Mom hold hands and walk while looking at the baby bump during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session Husband kisses the top of his wife's head during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session Dad and Pregnant Mom walk through a field during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

Ah! I love this one! Well really I love all of them!

Pregnant Mommy walks through a field in a flowing maxi dress during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

We also went to their house to get a couple of pictures in the nursery.

Pregnant mom sits in a gray and blue baby boy nursery during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

This is Shug, my dog-niece lol She’s a Wheaton Terrier and unfortunately due to her age has to wear diapers, but it’s trained them for a baby! haha

A Father and his pregnant wife look into the crib in the nursery with their Wheaton Terrier dog during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

I just had to get a picture of his and her diaper bags! Steve is serious about his #Dadlife diaper bag and has even bought accessories, what makes me love it even more is it’s from a company called Tactical Diaper Bags! Maddy admitted that they’ll probably use his bag more because it more user friendly. Maddy’s diaper bag is from Petunia Pickle Bottom and both are fully stocked.

His #Dadlife TacticalBabyGear.com in Camo and Her Petunia diaper bags at Pittsburgh Maternity Session

And one last shot of Maddy in their bed, I want to take the same shot again, but with her holding her little boy.

Pregnant mother sits in a blue bed and looks down at her pregnant belly during a Pittsburgh Maternity Session

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  1. Aunt Judi says:

    Congratulations Auntie Cassady!!! I’m so very happy for Steve and Maddy. Also so happy for your family! I love all the pictures of Maddy’s maternity session, beautiful job. Ford is adorable and I know you all are going to love watching him grow. Hope you get to meet him soon.

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