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September 28, 2022

Baby boy in water basin in green myrtle for outside family newborn session

I love when couples/families become repeat customers! It’s so special to get to capture families as they grow and change and I was so happy to be able to photograph this outside family newborn pictures in the spring.

It helps that I’ve photographed this family multiple times because Kate is one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since she was born because our parents are friends. We were roommates in college, I was with her when she first met her husband, I photographed their engagement session, and I was even her maid of honor at their wedding.

Kate and Jordan lived in another country for awhile so it wasn’t until their 3rd son, Max, that I was able to photograph their maternity session, and have continued to photograph their growing family. Oscar, their fourth son was born this spring. He was a little bit of a surprise because for the first 3 boys they found out the gender. For Oscar they waited until he was born to find out the gender. And now Kate is officially an all boy mom to the sweetest four boys!

Portrait from outside family newborn pictures in spring.

For Oscars newborn session we did a little bit of a different session and photographed outside family newborn pictures. Jordan’s parents have a beautiful yard with beautiful gardens. We photographed Max’s (their 3rd boy) maternity session here too. With three of their boys on the go outside was the perfect place for them to run around and capture a more lifestyle session. To photograph Oscar on his own where no one was holding him we used an old quilt for some pictures. I also found a metal water basin and a basket that I put some blankets in so we could lay him down.

Mom and dad with baby boy at outside family newborn session
Boy mom with her kids for at home portrait session
Two boys outside standing next to each other in spring.
Four boys in an outside family newborn session
Family portrait in color for outside family newborn session in spring
Picture of baby boy in mom and dads arms in spring outside
Picture of mom and dad with all boys outside in spring
Mom and dad holding baby boy in newborn session
Color image of baby boy feet in outside family newborn session
Baby boy with mom and dad for spring at outside family newborn session
Black and white image of baby boy yawning in Pennsylvania at outside family newborn session

Baby yawns and their little smiles are my favorite pictures to try and capture since it happens in a brief moment, but I can capture them and make them last for over a lifetime. It’s the same for newborn babies who only stay tiny for a brief moment.

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