Pennsylvania Family Photographer Katelyn's 9 Year Old Portraits

March 7, 2018

I feel bad for Katelyn, she kind of gets the raw end of the deal. All my other nieces and nephews have birthdays in the spring, summer and fall when the weather is nice. But Katelyn’s is the only one with her birthday in the winter and she’s the one that likes to have her picture taken the most! She is amazing and sucks it up every year so that she can have her birthday pictures taken outside. This year it was 40 degrees which is pretty nice for February, but not so great for being outside without a coat.

Can you tell she’s a little cold on the right? The wind was blowing around like crazy! We literally shot all of these pictures in like 15 minutes and put her coat on while we were walking to different spots (I actually carried her around a good amount because it was so muddy and I had on rain boots.).

While she did an outfit change in the car, I blasted the heat to try and warm her up a bit.

Katelyn was born on the same date as my husband. It’s a little crazy how similar they are, she even has the blue eyes like Ben.

I love this picture of her 🙂

Happy 9th birthday, Katelyn!

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