Trash the Dress Session: Lauren & John

May 26, 2013

Lauren is one of my good friends from Penn State and I could not believe when she messaged me to do a trash the dress session! Lauren and John were married a couple of years ago during a snow storm. So they wanted some portraits outside with spring all around them…and we had the perfect day! I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites for this post…there are so many more I wanted to post!


Lauren and John brought a bench to use as a prop and I loved it! Plus the field was just filled with Buttercups!! Oh my gosh it was a photographer’s dream come true! So of course Lauren needed a bouquet!

Oh Lauren you are absolutely b-e-a-utiful!!

Aren’t these two just adorable!?

Oh my gosh just stop it!



I’ve had this idea in my head for a couple of years now. I was so excited when Lauren actually suggested sitting on the fence to me!


Lauren’s aunt was watching us take these pictures and I was afraid we were going to giver her a heart attack between Lauren “ruining her dress” and shooting in the middle of the road!


And then we actually headed into the cow pasture for the trash the session. (And those cows were curious… especially with my photography gear!)


For Lauren’s trash the dress session she wanted get pictures in the creek at her grandfather’s farm. And I have to note, she wore her heels from the wedding as well!


That water was chilly, but they were troopers and were up for anything!


All of these images are my favorite, but this might really be my favorite! The back of her dress is gorgeous! Plus I love how John is helping Lauren and the sun on her hair and dress!

Didn’t believe me when I said we were really close to the cows?! I had forgot how big they were! They were scared of my camera and jumped back when I took pictures of them. The downfall of shooting around cows….cow patties 🙁 And yes I stepped in one in my Sperry’s. So I walked in the creek to clean them off plus I had to take pictures! And then I slipped and fell in the water…with my camera and all my lenses in new Kelly Moore bag. But everything was alright, except for a bruised butt!

Well Lauren’s shoes were trashed from the creek but her dress looked just fine! It was just a little wet on the bottom! 🙂

Oh this was so much fun!

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